The future of high-quality, economical, on-demand interpreting is here. Video and audio interpreting will reduce your carbon footprint, your language support costs and significantly extend your reach to service-users. You can bring more support to more service-users than ever before and still come in under budget.

Enable2 use state-of-the-art technology to deliver immediate interpreting to any situation, over a secure, fail-safe connection. For urgent requirements, video interpreting is the perfect solution, with no high or hidden costs, or compromise on quality. And for non-urgent requirements, all the benefits are the same for this entirely viable interpreting solution.

With no possibility of unfulfilled sessions, wasted time or compromise on service, ask us for an Enplan for your organisation today to show how this can work for you. Backed by our full system reporting, our client management service will always monitor the data too to reveal any further efficiencies and cost savings.

With our video interpreting Enplan you’ll be taking care not only of your organisation’s future, but the future of more people than ever before experiencing language barriers to their health and wellbeing, a goal we all want to work towards.

We interpret. We understand. We enable you to support more people with video interpreting. Chat to us today about your free video-interpreting Enplan; start saving costs tomorrow.