Recently, I spoke to our Client Services Administrator Ana about what it is that she enjoys most about working here at Enable2. Having only moved over to England from her native Latvia 5 years ago, Ana found work with us back in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. For 4 of those 5 years, Ana has been working here at Enable2 as one of our friendly Client Services Team.

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When she’s not working as part of the busy bookings team at Enable2, Ana can be found reading, dancing, singing, or walking her dog Johnny, an adorable German Spitz. She recently visited London for the first time to see the New Years Eve fireworks in London and was truly blown away!

What were you doing before you began working at Enable2?

"When I came over to England, I worked a few jobs. I did a stint in a warehouse as a quality control operative and I worked in an office selling insurance. While in Latvia, I worked in restaurants and I worked as a croupier at an online casino which is where I started learning English. Working at Enable2 is definitely the best job I’ve had!"

What do you like about working at Enable2? 

“I like to be busy at work and working at Enable2 really gives me opportunities to be busy with different tasks all day. Each day is totally different and we are all constantly learning new things every day, whether about languages, cultures or even the internal bookings portal.”

“I also really enjoy working at Enable2 because you can really feel the positive impact of the work we do. I like being a part of what allows people to get access to services that they are entitled to use but can’t because of a linguistic or cultural barrier. Because English is not my first language, I sympathise with these people a lot.”