Get Out More, a Keighley-based CIC and long-term friend of Enable2, who run wellbeing days, forest school workshops and community programmes for people of all ages across Bradford, celebrated their 10-year anniversary by running a series of awards for organisations that they have worked with in the past.

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We thought that we should apply for the Groups, Organisations and Businesses category… and we won! The prize was a Wellbeing Day for our whole team.

This took place at Blackhills Scout Campsite in Bingley, a beautiful countryside location at the top of a valley, near rugged moorland and in the midst of countless miles of drystone walls.

Being based in central Bradford, it can be easy for us to live a city-focussed life. The importance of being outside was recognised by everyone who attended, each of whom made a vow to try and find some time for themselves out in nature more than they currently do.

The day was a mix of wellbeing activities, team building games and time to reflect. Annie and Julia were both very good with showing us new and innovative ways to connect with the natural world around us, engaging all 5 of our senses and helping us articulate what we’d been experiencing. We all felt that their encouragement of open conversation about what we’d been noticing throughout the day was rewarding and helped us connect on a deeper level to our surroundings. It felt as if it was a safe space for us all to connect with each other through sharing our understanding of the world around us.  

We cooked lunch in a sturdy black pot dangling by chains over the top of a fire carefully constructed by Annie Berrington, the founder of Get Out More CIC. As Annie began laying out the groundwork for the fire, a silence fell across us all as we watched in awe as the pile of kindling she’d laid out turned into a roaring flame. Not only did she build the fire, but she presented us all with small metal trays, cotton wool and fire lighting tools so that we could start our own. This was somewhat of a highlight for some members of the team, who’d been wanting to tick this off their bucket list for a very long time!

Get Out More has been going from strength to strength over the last decade, having supported countless individuals in the wider Yorkshire community to reconnect with nature on a deeper level.

For more information about Get Out More CIC and the amazing work they do, you can visit their website at

The whole team here at Enable2 would again like to thank Annie and Julia from Get Out More CIC for hosting such a fulfilling day for us.