“We suggested there might be a problem, looking at the costs and the types of sessions booked, which is testament to our approach with clients. We will always look to save them money.” Yasmin Khan, Operations Manager

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In a time when NHS trusts face drastically reduced budgets and increased pressures in service delivery, Enable2 were eager to address the rising costs with their local NHS care trust client.

Enable2 discovered:

·         Significant amounts of single one-hour sessions booked by health visiting teams

·         No block booking of sessions

·         Several numbers of same-language interpreters onsite at once

·         Extra time booked ‘just in case’

·         Lack of knowledge of some client groups and the type of language support required

·         Staff using ‘quick fix’ measures, for example, advocating interpreting by family members

Cost-reducing measures:

·       Re-education of managers and staff on best practice for booking interpreters

·       Same-language sessions to be grouped together and block booked

·       Ten Enable2 workshops to staff to ensure understanding and confidence of best practice procedures

·       Implementation of non-advocation of family members interpreting, to avoid misinterpretation of medical information

“A single one-hour session for one person, may in reality only take 20 minutes, but that session still costs an hour. Whereas if a one-hour block booking is made, one interpreter can see two, maybe three people in that same hour, if the appointments are arranged accordingly. Once the team knew to organise appointments, the savings were immediate.”

Not only have the local NHS care trust made a significant, year-on-year annual saving of over £90k but there are other positive patient-care and eco impacts that the changes have made. Through a greater understanding of their clients, the NHS trust now allocates the same health visitor to a group of clients, improving continuity of care. Plus, travel time for interpreters, particularly in relation to home visits has drastically reduced.

“We analyse data and we’re not afraid to approach NHS trusts with our findings. We turned this situation around in just over three months because we are simply not prepared to do what has always been done.” Joanne Kennedy, Operations Director

“Smart booking improves continuity of care"

“One-hour bookings can be used for up to three patients"

“Retraining staff has saved £90k per year"