“One Health Group in Sheffield use a central booking team to service clinics all around the country. We saw straight away that getting the service model exactly right for them would have positive effects many times over.” Joanne Kennedy, Operations Director

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 All client bookings at Enable2 enter a live data system that generates detailed reports of booking information that are routinely analysed daily, weekly and so on by client managers.

“We can see where sessions have been cancelled, why and who by. And where these are one-hour face-to-face sessions for single clients, involving travel time. We have all the information we need to make bookings more efficient.” Yasmin Khan, Operations Manager

Enable2 discovered:

·         Sessions cancelled due to clients’ non-attendance

·         Sessions cancelled due to wrong interpreter specialism booked

·         Staff didn’t know about video and telephone interpreting services

·         Staff didn’t know about cost-effective, by-the-minute charging for telephone interpreting

Cost-reducing measures:

·         Using telephone interpreting to ‘screen’ appointments and check client’s attendance

·         Training booking team to understand when clients need a specialist interpreter

·         Awareness-raising of cost-effective telephone interpreting

·         Awareness-raising of cost-effective video interpreting 

“A few extra questions to the client can determine whether a ten-minute telephone call is needed or something more. Staff now understand charges a lot better, and how to book sessions more cost-effectively.” Joanne Kennedy, Operations Director.

“Enable2 have been working with us over the past couple of months to look at new, innovative and efficient ideas for the interpreting service we use. We have made cost savings, changed our booking processes and also looked at a pilot for online video interpreting.” Nicole Gent, Head of Service Delivery One Health Group

One Health Group have now drastically cut down on face-to-face interpreting sessions required, saving significant budget and producing further positive impacts, such as reduced footfall in public buildings.

“We have been supported every step of the way by the employees at Enable2 and could not recommend them enough.”

“We can see where sessions were being booked and wasted"

“Staff now understand the costs of interpreting"

“We've achieved reductions in journey time, footfall and the risks of infection"