Project Description

Owlet Childrens’ and Family Centre have been an Enable2 customer for 2 Years. We spoke to Darren Palmer, a Community Resource Worker to find out how interpreting has helped them to provide support for child protection issues in their community.

Paper family on wooden table and woman hands protect them

Owlet Childrens’ and Family Centre is part of the social care provision within Bradford. They provide a statutory service in child protection, children in need and for children who are in care. They arrange support and contact between families, as well as having a children’s centre providing groups and support for families.

Darren has been in the role for 27 years and worked with Enable2 earlier this year. “There are usually sensitive issues to be discussed and obviously if everyone speaks different languages then the parents and children might not understand why what is happening is happening. We need someone to make the link between us all and we have to make sure that we have all communications absolutely correct.”

The way that Darren has accessed Enable2’s interpreting service is unique in that the communication with the families is part of an ongoing and regular relationship. “We have to find time slots each week for our families which can be challenging. We had to make a lot of calls with times and venues and the support team at Enable2 were really helpful. Having the same interpreting team allowed us to develop our relationship and get a rapport going. We needed a Roma speaker and Enable2 were able to provide us with a team of 3 to cover all the slots we needed.”

Under the Bradford Council Contract Enable2 readily provides interpreting and sometimes document translation services to a number of Family Centres in Bradford and District.

Enable2 supplies face to face interpreters for Owlet in a range of languages, with particular emphasis on East European languages. The majority of interpreting is centred on family communications and regular meetings; making consistent interpreters critical.

Darren summarises his experience with Enable2. Trust is really important; along with knowing that the interpreting was right and sensitively handled. The interpreters were all very good so we were really happy. It is such a valuable service to and we couldn’t do without it.”

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