Aneesa Sadique has a vital role with Enable2 – she is responsible for matching up requests for interpreting services with interpreters.

One of her main areas of work is organising bookings for Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust.

Requests can be made by email or telephone, explained the booking and administration clerk, and these can be for rare languages such as Nepalese, Tamil and Tigrinya. Sometimes it means finding an interpreter of a particular gender and making sure they are available for a specific time or as close to it as possible. Aneesa puts details of all the requests on an electronic system which interpreters can easily and quickly access through their mobile phones.

Aneesa, aged 21, lives in Heaton in Bradford and has been with Enable2 for just over a year. She was initially recommended to the post for a three month contract by an adviser at her local job centre. She said: “I was very nervous at first and not very confident as it was my first real job but I’d always wanted an office-based role in customer services.

“I sat with the team and gradually picked up what I should be saying and doing. My job kept being extended until to my delight I became a permanent employee.

“I love talking to people and helping them and I feel I am doing now what I do best. My aim is to make sure I can get an interpreter for anyone who is struggling to communicate, whatever language they speak.

”We are like one big family, I really can’t imagine not being with Enable2 and I’d like to thank my team for all the support they have given me.”