Supporting Team Leader

A member of the Enable2 Team for 3 years; Maria trained as a customer services apprentice at Enable2 and is currently Supporting Team Leader with a responsibility for training new members of the team.

After her GCSEs, Maria decided to go into an apprenticeship. She says “At the time, I was offered the position with Enable2 and one in accountancy which was much closer to home. I decided to come to Enable2 because I just clicked with the team. They felt so welcoming and down to earth and it felt like where I was meant to be.”

Maria’s apprenticeship was Customer Service Level 3; she says that learning whilst at work made it so much easier to pick up skills. “Learning in a classroom never suited me, but I have come on so quickly whilst actually doing the job. As well as my initial qualification, Enable2 have supported me through this especially when I needed time out for exams.”

With a recognised qualification in customer service as well as level 2 English and mathematics, Maria has an enviable CV. “My job at Enable2 has made me who I am today making me more confident. With the help of the amazing management team I have come out of my shell. Three years ago you wouldn’t have heard me speak and today I can’t stop talking on the phones.”

When asked what advice she would you give to someone wanting to get into customer services, Maria says “I would recommend the customer service apprenticeship to anyone that wants a new start to a career working with people and providing an excellent service with a customer service qualification and experience with the apprenticeship can open many future job opportunities.”

And finally, when asked where she wants to go next, Maria sees a lot of doors opening for her “I could go in to interpreting, working for the NHS, working in admin, working in any customer service, working in accountancy. Also with my new team leader role I can go into management and managing people. The possibilities are endless.”