Czech and Slovakian interpreter

Employed at Enable2 for 3 years, Dada completed the Community Interpreting course before taking on a full time position with the team.

When arriving in Bradford, Dada trained as a plumber and also worked as a cleaner before becoming an interpreter. Dada was one of 15 people offered access to a Community Interpreting course through a partnership with Enable2 and InCommunities. As an InCommunities tenant, Dada was offered access to the 6 month course which allowed the mother of three to get straight into work.

After completing the training, Dada started to support members of her community to access services that they couldn’t access without her. She speaks fluently helping to interpret for various sectors, including social care and health.

She says that she finds something different in her job every day. “Truth is, I find new things every day. Before I was only working in the medical sector and am now working for social services which is a great experience. Enable2 have given me a big chance to see different areas of life and working with family nurses and healthcare professionals I pick up so much information.”

Not only does Dada interpret, but she also completes written translation work. “You are your own boss, it is a flexible role. As a team of interpreters for Enable2 we meet at regular network events and pass on experiences, new words and help each other. It’s very good.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone wanting to get into this type of job, Dada says “When you speak English, you can just use your skills to get into this type of role. I guess some people might worry about knowing every word, but you have to remember, you are not a dictionary and so if you forget the word, it’s ok to check for the correct word in the dictionary.”

“My favourite part of the job is that I become part of someone’s life. I see the same family every few weeks. If I am not there, then they cannot get the support they need in some cases.”

To listen to Dada talk about her experiences… see below or click here