Daria came to England in 2005 to look for work after studying business administration. Initially she lived in Blackpool and Leeds, worked in a warehouse and studied community interpreting level 3 at Bradford College.

Around 18 months ago she joined Enable2CIC as a Polish interpreter which she finds much more rewarding. Her work involves supporting people going to GP appointments, liaising with midwives and sometimes interpreting during meetings with social care workers.

Daria said: “I was looking for a job that would give me flexible working hours as I have a six year old son. I feel that I am really helping people and using my language skill in a way that is very beneficial to others.

“Some of my friends had told me that Enable2 was the best employer to work for and it suits me as it means I can work mostly in the Bradford area. You can always pick up the phone to speak to their team and they are reliable – never late with payments.

“The work is varied, you never know what each day will bring. What motivates me is that I know that I am giving others the chance to get the most out of health and social care by helping them to understand what is being said to them.”

Daria lives in Great Horton and the one thing she would like to change about Bradford is the changeable British weather.