KatyKaty Robinson
Booking and Admin Clerk
Worked for Enable2 for 1 year

We spoke to our Bookings and Admin Clerk Katy who came to us on the Employment Opportunities Fund scheme with InCommunities.  The scheme is part of Get Bradford Working; which seeks to create hundreds of new jobs, apprenticeships and work experience placements across the Bradford District.

Here at Enable2, we initially created opportunities for 10 people within our team.  To date following a successful period of employment with Enable2, everyone moved on to either a permanent position with Santander, Lloyds, NG Bailey or to permanent employment with Enable2 with one candidate going on to study an MSc.

Katy is from Scarborough originally; a chance in circumstances led to her moving to Bradford for a fresh start.  She says “I moved here 2 years ago and initially lived with my Mum before I was allocated a flat with InCommunities. At that point I signed on with the Job Centre. I did quite a bit of work experience, including work for HMRC and Dunelm Mills as well as volunteering at The British Heart Foundation shop.”

Katy was offered the chance to join the Employment Opportunities Fund after 6 months where she became part of a group working towards a 6 month placement with an organisation in Bradford. To join the scheme she had to pass a Maths and English Level 2 qualification and then started the programme in earnest.

She explains what the start of the journey was like. “We had to do presentations every day where we stood up in a room with 10 people. As well l as that, we went around organisations to ask them questions about their operations; this included solicitors and other companies. I took all the opportunities offered to me including a British Sign Language course and a First Aid course; it really helped to add experience and skills to my CV. At the end of the 2 weeks, I went into the talent pool awaiting a chance to interview for roles.”

“I had done a lot of interviews in the past and got nothing back so it was easy for me to get down about it and I felt a bit fed up to not get any work. As soon as I was on the EOF scheme I felt really supported and this definitely helped my confidence levels for my interview at Enable2.”

Katy was offered a 6 month role at Enable2 in which she would be handling bookings and enquiries over the phone. She says “I had never done this sort of work before and started by sitting with experienced members of the team. To start with I made outgoing calls only but with team support I progressed to taking the more complicated incoming calls. We were told that it would be extended for a month initially and then 3 months and then another month. I was really happy to stay.”

Almost a year on, Katy is now responsible for booking the complicated recurring clinics for clients. Her responsibilities have moved on with her confidence and achievements.

Enable2 Managing Director Liz Weatherill was instantly impressed with Katy. “We took her on to complete 30 hours a week and she was supported once a month by the InCommunities team mentor. Over the past year, we have seen her develop and blossom as a member of the team. She is a confident professional young lady who is brilliant at dealing with our customers. The team find her  organised, calm and rational, plus she adapts to different situations and willing to take on new tasks.”

Katy summarises her experience of working for Enable2. “I love the team, they make you feel welcome. I have built myself a good life in Bradford and work is a big part of that, so I like to get involved in the company life as much as possible. My bosses are great, you can speak to anyone here about anything you want. One of the biggest things I have got out of it is more confidence in myself.”

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