Pictured here with her husband

Ever wondered who the face behind the recruitment of the wonderful interpreters at Enable2 is, or who leads and executes our in-house inductions?
Six months ago, a very confident and joyful young lady walked into our old office at Douglas Mill to start her first day at work. Some of us see this as an extremely nerve-wracking time, but with Chloe’s calm and professional manner, we could tell the perfect person for this job role had stepped through the door.


Coming from a family of 4, Chloe grew up in Bradford and has lived in the city all her life. She currently resides with her husband (who she recently celebrated a 1-year anniversary with) along their cat Laila.  Chloe started her career in accounts for a well-known supermarket, progressed into customer services, before beginning work in recruitment. Since pursuing a career in this sector, and before moving to Enable2, Chloe specialised in the hiring of General Practitioners, nurses and teachers.

What has Chloe been up to at Enable2?
Since working for the company Chloe has ensured that all interpreters are offered and complete professional training and development. This is to adhere with new government guidelines and the strict requirements of the public-sector organisations our interpreters work with. These e-learning courses ensure that interpreters have the skill set for each session and progress in their chosen career. There has been some challenges regarding the training, specifically concerning the industry costs. Chloe completely empathises with this and disclosed that next year Enable2 are looking to support interpreters. This will be through some free professional development sessions covering a variety of key topics to benefit their development. Ultimately these mini courses, which are NHS developed, ensure that interpreters can deal with an assigned session in a competent and professional manner.

Chloe has also arranged two networking events, one in Bradford and the other in Sheffield. Not only are they a great chance for our interpreters to meet each other and listen to insightful guest speakers, but Chloe stated that no other interpreting offers this currently. Thus, highlighting Enable2’s wants to have an inclusive nature. The Bradford event has already taken place, the speakers addressed how interpreting effects the lives of their patients and supports them in their job roles. Ultimately this gives interpreters a chance to widen and broaden their session-related vocabulary and glossary of terms.

Props to Chloe
The recruitment and careful selection of interpreters is not an easy job. Together with Maureen (a Resourcing Administrator at Enable2) they work hard to ensure their department runs smoothly. I asked Chloe what motivates her at work, she told me she likes to “meet new people and learn about different cultures”. She also sees the potential in those who may lack experience but have great interpersonal skills… she added that it’s important to “give people a chance”.

Chloe was recently nominated for a quarterly award from our interpreters due to her “approachable and friendly personality” … her hard work is not going unnoticed and we very much look forward to seeing what the recruitment department bring to Enable2 in the future.