Our Interpreting Services


We provide consistently high quality and accurate interpreting services that you can rely on. We offer face-to-face and telephone language support as well as cutting edge video interpreting. We are committed to working towards implementing new technology to develop innovative methods of communicating in different languages.


Our team of interpreters are all language-assessed to ensure they are fluent in both English and their mother tongue or professional translation language. They are prepared for a variety of situations and to have understanding of specific technical terminology and many of them are qualified with the DPSi or the Community Interpreting Course, developed by ourselves and Bradford College.

As well as language fluency, each Enable2 interpreter has expertise in a particular area, for example Speech Therapy, Counselling or Diabetes Care. This means they are aware of the specific vocabulary, sensitivities and issues in each individual setting. Enable2’s background is working with health, social care, education and legal professionals, so our interpreters are experienced in working with clients from a wide-range of socio-economic and cultural groups.


Enable2’s interpreting service can be booked online or by phone. A bespoke database has been developed to ensure enquiries are logged promptly. Our staff respond quickly and efficiently to confirm receipt of the booking and contact is also made to confirm the booking in advance of the appointment. Once you are booked into our system, you can access it through our web portal to manage all aspects of our service.

With our large team of native speaking translators and interpreters available to us we can respond to urgent requests and commit to long-term projects – according to our clients’ needs.


All Enable2’s interpreters follow a strict Code of Conduct. Unique to Enable2, all interpreters have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.