Community Interpreting Qualification

There is an enormous and often untapped language resource available in every community; we know this from our years of working with people in across diverse ethnic minorities. So in 2009 we collaborated with the University of Bradford to establish an accessible qualification called Community Interpreting. The University of Bradford is no longer running the course; however a similar qualification can still be accessed at Bradford College with plans to roll it out further. Training people within the community draws on the skills and knowledge already present there and helps to professionalise community interpreting and give increased quality assurance.


  • Individuals who deliver interpreting services on a voluntary basis
  • Those would like to formalise their experience in this area of work
  • People with a second or third language who want to become qualified as a professional Community Interpreter


  • 25 week programme (3 hours per week)
  • Practical, person-focused approach
  • Geared towards public sector interpreting
  • Learn how to develop and enhance own performance
  • Nationally recognised qualification at level 3

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