Did you know that Enable2 is a CIC or Community Interest Company? This means that all of our profits are fed back into a cause that we feel strongly about: community qualifications, training and support for disadvantaged communities.

Enable2 Managing Director Liz Weatherill explains further “We know that training people within the community draws on the skills and knowledge already present.  It has allowed us to work with the diverse communities of Bradford and train people to become interpreters.  In effect it has professionalised community interpreting which was often seen as not skilled. It allows us to provide the highest quality service.”

During 2009, Enable2 had collaborated with the University of Bradford to establish an accessible qualification called Community Interpreting. The University of Bradford is no longer running the course; however a similar qualification can still be accessed at Bradford College

Liz Weatherill is thrilled that during 2015, 45 individuals are funded on the course. “The reason we set the organisation up in 2011 was to enable communication between people using different languages and to enable people to gain employment. This course is a lifeline for those people who qualify. If we have a need for a particular language skill we engage the skills of people who complete the course and can offer them work as an interpreter. There is an enormous and often untapped language resource available in every community; we know this from our years of working with people across diverse ethnic minorities.”

As a one evening a week course, it is accessible for all walks of life. Miguel Montescano who heads up the course at Bradford Council says “Feedback from students who have embarked on Community Interpreting courses run through Enable2 is very positive as they report that their opportunities have been greatly enhanced by having gained the Level 3 qualification, with most being offered more work than they had before.  Students are able to gain the qualification whilst working as Community Interpreters and gaining many useful additional skills in ICT for example.”

If you are interested in finding out more about employment with Enable2, visit our recruitment pages. You can also find out more about training with Bradford College by clicking here.