Investment In Communities

Enable2 is a CIC (community interest company) so we’re about more than making a profit. We are committed to providing opportunities for ethnic minority groups, disadvantaged and disabled people, to gain employment and live more independent and fulfilling lives. Our profits currently support apprenticeships, skills for Community Interpreters and employment support services.

Our community support helps local communities, disabled people and people who need practical help with employment seeking skills. We are based in Bradford so much of our work supports people from BME communities, but we are also supporting projects across the north of England.


SROI is very important to us. It’s a way to measure and account for the value created by our work – not just the direct financial gains but the social benefits too. Enable2 is always looking for new ways of breaking down the language barriers and other obstacles which face some people and inhibit their progress.


Enable2 supports Bradford College in its delivery of a special Community Interpreting Qualification. This is professionalising and developing the skills of many people within minority communities in Bradford and surrounding areas.

We also offer enhanced Apprenticeships, a scheme which provides employment opportunities within Enable2 and other public sector organisations it partners.

We are currently working with Bowling Community College to deliver a qualification ‘ESOL for Interpreters’.

At present we deliver Enable2Work – to help people from disadvantaged communities who are seeking to improve their chances of success at the applications and interview stages. We also have plans to develop further courses to enhance communication and promote employment opportunities for those in minority communities who need additional support.

Enable2 CIC (Community Interest Company) is governed by the CIC regulator. Enable2 is a registered member of Social Enterprise UK