Interpreter Code of Conduct

As part of the employment contract with Enable2, all Interpreters must adhere to the Code of Conduct set out below. In addition, this Code of Conduct applies to all activities carried out by Enable2 staff for other organisations.

1. Interpret truly, word for word, and accurately to the best of their ability, without adding or omitting anything.

2. Only accept work which they are competent to carry out satisfactorily, and only undertake work in language(s) in which they have been assessed and in which they can continue to perform competently.

3. Observe impartiality at all times while interpreting and not act as an advocate or chaperone at any time while carrying out their duties. If impartiality is irretrievably jeopardised during an interpreting session, they will withdraw forthwith, explaining their reasons to both parties concerned.

4. Inform the professional on arrival if the patient/client is known to them in order that the professional can verify with the patient/client that they are happy for the interpreter to interpret for them.

5. Refrain from giving advice or providing practical tips to clients.

6. Treat all information that they come across in the course of your work as confidential and not stand to make any personal gain from it.

7. Not to delegate any work that they have accepted to another interpreter.

8. Not on any occasion accept direct bookings for clients or promote their own services or that of any other agency whilst engaged in work for the company.

9. Not undertake work for the company on behalf of another agency.

10. Not directly or indirectly accept any form of commission, discount, gratuity or other benefit for interpreting other than payment by the company.

11. Avoid contact with clients of the company in any other capacity than interpreting.

12. Be willing to continuously increase their skills and knowledge within the field and make themselves available for any training that may be deemed necessary.

13. Work in accordance with the policies of the company at all times.

15. Switch off all mobile phones during assignments.

16. Carry the company photo identification badge at all times when undertaking assignments for Enable2.

17. Arrive punctually for all appointments.

18. Dress in a professional manner.

19. Not to use any information they may gain as a result of their work with the company to further their own business interests. Dismissal and/or legal action will be considered if this is contravened.